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Welcome to the less dusty side  of the woodshop.

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Cutting Boards

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Board Care

Cutting Board Care

  • Never soak your cutting board

  • Never put your cutting board in the dish washer

It’s counterintuitive but wood has natural antibacterial properties, you simply handwash with dish soap and luke warm water.

Your cutting board has feet for two reasons

  • Safety for both your counter tops and yourself (minimalizes sliding while in use)

  • Air Flow, wood naturally expands and contracts with ambient temperatures and moisture. The feet allow your board to dry evenly to help prevent warping and cracking.

Now for the juice, your cutting board has had a minimum of 2 oil baths by the time you receive it. Oil procedure is simple, you can use any cutting board oil of your choosing. You want to wipe it on with a microfiber cloth and allow the oil to sit for 10-12 hours. After that you can wipe off the excess. Before you know it you will be a professional board oiler and there will be no excess!

How to know when to oil your board

  • End Grain boards should receive an oil wipe every 3-4 washes.

  • Top Grain and side grain boards can go every 8-10 washes.

  • A good rule of thumb is when your color starts to look dull you should give an oil wipe down.

After the first year you will see a significant decrease in the need to oil as often. This is because the oils will have infiltrated the wood deep enough that it has sort of a reserve bank.


                      Happy cutting from the Homestead!

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